Bird News

April 2018

Ring Ouzel by Andy Tew

Blashford Lakes and the Avon Valley

Seven Garganey appeared on Ibsley Water (6th), with three still present to the 11th. An Osprey was also at Ibsley (11th), where up to five Little Gulls were present (2nd-16th) and 25 Arctic Terns dropped in (15th). Passage waders included Greenshank (18th), Whimbrel (24th) and Black-tailed Godwit (18 on 27th). A Grasshopper Warbler was near the visitor centre (19th), while up to four Bramblings remained (to 14th). In the Avon Valley, the Bewick’s Swan was again at Harbridge (2nd)

Lymington to Milford-on-Sea

The Green-winged Teal continued at Keyhaven (to 13th). Three Great White Egrets flew east (13th). The Red-necked Grebe remained offshore (to 15th). Also around Keyhaven/Pennington were Garganey (19th), Spoonbill (6th, 13th), Osprey (2nd, 21st), Ruff (max. 5), Spotted Redshank (max. 4), Little Gull (max. 3, 3rd-15th), Yellow-legged Gull (6th), Iceland Gull (1st), Short-eared Owl (22nd), Merlin (10th), Black Redstart (5th) and Pied Flycatcher (14th). Seawatching records from Milford-on-Sea included Garganey (6 on 6th, 3 on 27th), Velvet Scoter (4 on 14th), Red-throated Diver (max. 7 on 7th), Black-throated Diver (max. 3 on 18th), Fulmar (max. 24 on 27th), Manx Shearwater (60 on 15th, 1 on 22nd, 51 on 27th), Arctic Skua (max. 8 on 15th), Great Skua (7th, 22nd, 27th), Black Tern (2 on 16th), Arctic Tern (max. 13 on 27th), Kittiwake (max. 26 on 16th) and Little Gull (max. 11 on 4th and 15th)

Langstone Harbour and Hayling Island

A reeling Savi’s Warbler was the highlight at Farlington Marshes (from 18th). A White Stork flew over (24th). Other notable reports included Spoonbill (1st, 3rd, 2 on 5th), Ruff (max. 3, 8th-11th), Jack Snipe (11th), Little Gull (2 on 19th), Short-eared Owl (max. 3, 1st-11th), Merlin (1st) and Water Pipit (1st-6th). The Scaup and Velvet Scoter both continued off Farlington (to 28th). Also in Langstone Harbour were a Long-tailed Duck (1st, 12th), Great Northern Diver (1st, 5th) and Black-necked Grebe (4 on 1st, 1 on 12th). Seawatching from Sandy Point produced Red-throated Diver (max. 6 on 7th), Black-throated Diver (max. 3 on 6th), Fulmar (max. 3 on 24th), Manx Shearwater (max. 8 on 22nd), Arctic Skua (max. 3 on several dates), Great Skua (max. 2 on 27th), Arctic Tern (7th), Kittiwake (max. 6 on 7th), Little Gull (27th). Two Black Redstarts were at Sandy Point (11th).

Hill Head to Hamble

A White Stork spent a few days in the area (24th-27th). A Wryneck along the canal path was a good find (20th). Other sightings from Titchfield Haven included Great White Egret (15th), Osprey (1st, 28th, 29th), Ruff (1st, 7th, 21st, 28th), Wood Warbler (21st) and Water Pipit (7 on 1st). A Garganey was at the Haven (4th), followed by a pair at Hill Head (13th). A Black Redstart was also at Hill Head (9th). Two Spoonbills flew east (13th). Four Velvet Scoter were offshore (15th), with one lingering (16th-28th). Seawatching also produced Red-throated Diver (3 on 6th), Manx Shearwater (2 on 24th), Arctic Skua (max. 4 on 4th), Great Skua (27th), Arctic Tern (max. 6 on 19th), Kittiwake (1st, 4th), Little Gull (max. 10 on 4th and 6th). An Iceland Gull was at Chilling (6th).


A Little Bunting continued in a North Baddesley garden (to 8th at least). The roaming White Stork was at Woodlands in the New Forest (29th-30th), with sightings also coming from Curbridge (26th), Testwood Lakes (26th), Portsdown Hill (26th) and Botley (26th). Up to four Great White Egrets were at Fishlake Meadows (to 19th), with singles also seen at Moorcourt (2nd), Testwood Lakes (5th-7th), Lower Test (10th) and Calshot (15th). Ospreys were seen at Lower Test (1st), Portsdown Hill (5th), Hook near Basingstoke (10th), Blackfield (15th) and Woolston (28th). A Wood Sandpiper was at Fishlake Meadows (23rd). Fleet Pond had Arctic Tern (30th) and Little Gull (12th-13th, 2 on 25th). Ring Ouzels were at Bourley (3rd), Ocknell Plain (6th), Lower Test (7th-13th) and Beacon Hill, Highclere (13th-14th). Black Redstarts were seen at Fort Cumberland (15th) and Winnall Moors (26th), while a Pied Flycatcher was at New Copse Inclosure (20th). At Weston Shore the Long-tailed Duck continued (to 21st). Four Velvet Scoters were also seen from Weston Shore (15th), plus Red-throated Diver (1st, 9th), Great Northern Diver (1st) and Little Gull (11th). Stokes Bay seawatching produced Velvet Scoter (20th), Red-throated Diver (22nd, 27th), Black-throated Diver (max. 4 on 6th), Fulmar (17th), Arctic Skua (max. 3 on 10th), Great Skua (27th), Arctic Tern (max. 7 on 17th), Kittiwake (4 on 27th), Little Gull (max. 10 on 6th). An Iceland Gull was at Stokes Bay (15th-17th) and Southsea Castle (25th).

Tom Jordan

May 10th, 2018