Hampshire Bird Atlas


The first publication to map the year-round distribution of Hampshire's birds

Hampshire AtlasFive winters and summers of intensive fieldwork across the county by 1,200 volunteers, resulted in 800,000 bird records. These have all been brought together in one place in readable and highly colourful accounts of every bird species found in Hampshire over the period.


The Atlas measures 212 x 292 mm and contains 448 pages, with over 400 photos covering 285 species.


The Atlas features

  • 135 summer and 168 winter maps showing species' distribution and relative population density
  • 124 maps showing the changes in summer distribution since the last atlas in 1986-91
  • Tables and charts showing trends
  • Explanations of how birds in Hampshire are faring
  • An assessment of Hampshire's bird habitats and how they are changing
  • The most comprehensive set of bird photographs taken in Hampshire

The Hampshire Bird Atlas was printed and distribution to the pre-publication purchasers was completed in mid December, 2015. The Atlas is now available for £35 (plus £2.99 postage and packing).


The Atlas can be purchased by sending a cheque for £37.99 and address details to the Sales Officer (see Publications page for details).


Sample Page


Sample page