Hampshire Birding


Barn Owl by Richard FordBirders in Hampshire are fortunate to have a wide range of different habitats for birds. Some sites are well known throughout the county - and beyond, while others are less well known. Various Hampshire birders have kindly written about their local patches. (Please note these were written many years ago, so please feel free to send an updated version to the webmaster.) The gazetteer pages give an extensive list of sites in Hampshire, along with an online map link, to help locate the site.


We also have links to other websites providing birding information.


In this section of the website, we have some articles by Hampshire birders, which have been published in our Kingfisher newsletter or in the Hampshire Bird Report. We are always happy to receive articles about Hampshire birds and birding, so if have written something you think would be of interest, please send it to the webmaster.

Up to the minute information about sightings in the county are available on the goingbirding website. Sightings and discussion about Hampshire birds and birding appear on the HOSLIST email list.