HOS walk by Doug YellandThe walks below are in month order, follow the link below.  

The leaders' names and contact information are shown in the description of each walk.


Walk Categories


A) Easy - a fairly short walk over relatively flat ground with no/few stiles.
B) A little more demanding - longer distance and/or gentle hills but with no/few stiles.
C) Medium difficulty - moderate distance and/or moderate hills and/or a moderate number of stiles.
D) Strenuous - long distance and/or steep hills and/or many stiles.

A few walks may be are joint with other societies and organisations. For joint walks with the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust, a collection will be made for donations towards the Trust. 



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Sunday 5th March – Twyford, Owselbury and Henstig


Leader Phil Budd (07748 236666)         10.00am until 4.00pm (5.5 Miles)


Meet at SU483242 – Hunters Park car park – Off Park Lane Twyford (OS Landranger 185). We will walk up Park Lane and then along Love Lane and then along Monarch’s Way to Owselbury. Then Water Lane to Henstig and, finally back to Twyford past Park Copse and Gabriel’s Copse.Hope to see/hear early spring bird activity and other wildlife. Mainly farmland, village, hedgerow and grassland. Bring coffee/lunch.

Walk category B/C.


Saturday 11th March – Ivy Wood


Leaders Marcus Ward (07749 375994), Rob Clements & Russell Wynn     8.00am until 11.00am/mid-day


Meet at Ivy Wood car park (on Brockenhurst to Beaulieu road at SU315024) for a walk around New Copse and Perrywood Ironshill Inclosure Primarily looking for Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers but other NF specialities such as Hawfinch, Firecrest and Crossbill should also be seen. Some tracks might be muddy so stout walking boots recommended.

Walk category A/B. 


Sunday 12th March – Warblington Shore to Hayling Oyster Beds


Leader Kev. Stouse (07510 600808)    9.30am until 1.30pm 3 miles)


Meet at Warblington Church car park (SU728054) for this walk along the shore to Hayling Oyster Beds in search of Winter/Migrant birds. Hopefully the Med. Gulls will be back on the Oyster Beds islands. Bring coffee/lunch>

Walk category A


Wednesday 29th March – Micheldever Wood to Itchen Down Farm walk


Leader Nick Wiley (01489 893226 or 07747 151160)     10.00am until 2.00pm (4 miles)


Park at Micheldever Wood car Park (SU530362 - OS 185) for a walk from Micheldever Wood through open countryside to Itchen Down Farm looking for song birds and early summer migrants. Bring coffee/lunch.

Walk category B.



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Saturday 1st April – Portland Bill


Leader Ted Barnes (02380 266774 or 07811 049281)     10.00am until 3.30 pm (4.5 miles)


Meet in the Cheyne Wares car park (SY694705 – OS194) just off the Southwell road for this walk around the Portland Bill area looking for returning summer migrants, sea birds and nesting Auks. Bring lunch. Alternatively a reasonably priced meal/snack is available at the Lobster Pot café at the Bill.

Walk category C.


Sunday 9th April – Migrant Birds at Farlington Marshes.


Leader Kev. Stouse (07510 600808)    9.30am until 2pm (3 miles)


Meet at Broadmarsh car park (SU699055) for this walk around the marshes in search of migrant birds – NB the new road layout means you have to do a u-turn to enter the car park as there is no right hand turn into the car park entrance – continue up Harts Farm Way and where it widen you can turn and come back to the car park entrance. Bring coffee/lunch.

Walk category A.


Saturday 15th April – Beaulieu Heath


Leaders Marcus Ward (07749 375994), Rob Clements & Russell Wynn      8.00am until 11.00am/mid-day.


Meet at the Beaulieu Heath West car park for a walk around the area looking for a range of breeding waders and discussing ongoing surveys and techniques for recording these important species. In addition to the breeding waders a good range of classic heath land species should be encountered.

Walk category A/B.


Saturday 22nd April - Worth Matravers


Leader Julian Moseley (02380 779850)    10.30am until 3.30pm 


Meet in the village car park at SZ97575 – Note: parking fee payable. We will descend to the coast and amble westwards to the lighthouse before turning inland for the return leg. Guillemots/Razorbills, Swallows, Swifts, Butterflies and Bumblebees could be seen. Bring coffee/lunch.

Walk category B/C.


Thursday 27th April – Brownwich


Leader Richard Carpenter (01329 661856 or 078491843160)    10.00am until 1.30pm (3-4 miles)


Meet at SU531023 – on the shore road near the entrance to Titchfield haven. There should be waders on the shore and some spring migrants. If there has been recent rain the paths will be muddy. Bring coffee/lunch.

Walk category B.


Saturday 29th April – Martin Down


Leader Julian Moseley (02380 779850)   10.30am until 3.30pm


Meet in the Salisbury/Blandford Road car park (SU044205) for a day spent on this chalk down land national nature reserve which may produce Corn Bunting, Turtle Dove, Orchids and possibly Adonis blue, White Admiral and Brown Argos Butterflies. Bring coffee/lunch.

Walk category B/C.



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Wednesday 3rd May – Lucy Hill


Leader Dave Munday (01489 576641)     9.00am until 1.00pm


Meet in the car park at SU227045 on the right of the Burley to Lyndhurst road alongside the Burley New Inclosure. Watch out for the car park sign. We will walk the heath and woodland looking for a variety of species to include Cuckoo, various Warblers, Woodlark and Woodpeckers. Good boots are a must. Bring lunch.

Walk category C.


Sunday 7th May – Dawn Chorus at Stockbridge Down


Leader Julian Moseley (02380 779850)   4.00am until 10.30/11.00am


Meet in the top car park at SU375347. We will make our way (in the dark so torches would be useful) to somewhere near the top where we will wait for sunrise and the accompanying bird song. Subsequently it is intended to do a short walk around the area for migrants, down land flora or whatever people are interested in.

Walk category A/B.


Saturday 20th May – Bolderwood


Leaders Marcus Ward (07749 375994), Rob Clements & Russell Wynn    8.00am until 11.00am/mid-day


Meet at Bolderwood car park (SU242086) for a walk around the Bolderwood/Highland Water area looking for NF woodland specialities, in particular Hawfinch and Firecrest although a broad range of species should be seen.

Walk category A/B.