Hampshire Bird Report

HBR 2017The Hampshire Bird Report for 2017 was published in November 2018.

The book is 264 pages long, the major part of which is taken up with the Systematic list, covering the 250 species recorded in the county during the year. The book also contains regular papers including the Review of the Year and the Ringing Report and various appendices.

There are four main papers, covering changes in Hampshire’s breeding birds 1750-2017, the Stone-curlew in Hampshire, breeding warblers at Fishlake Meadows and the 2017 survey of Corn Bunting breeding in Hampshire. There are short papers reporting on the county’s first Elegant Tern and Lesser Scaup. There is also a short Note on Grants for projects made in 2017.

Copies of the bird report can be obtained from the HOS Sales Officers (details below).

Ordering Information

The bird report can be ordered at a cost of £12.50 (including postage and packing). It can be obtained at a discounted price by those HOS members who joined between October 1st and December 31st 2018.

Cheques should be made payable to HOS and sent to:

Bryan & Sandy Coates,
Sales Officers, 8 Gardner Way,
Chandlers Ford,
Hampshire SO53 1JL

Any questions, please phone or email the Sales Officers
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