KF167The Kingfisher is a full colour, glossy magazine with articles and news about birds in Hampshire. There are regular features including the Walks programme and Recent Reports and Hampshire Highlights, occasional book reviews, trip reports, crosswords, as well as an outstanding selection of photos of Hampshire birds taken by Hampshire birders.

It is published in February, July and November. The latest edition published in June  2020 includes articles on

  • A birding debut
  • HOS Announcements including AGM Voting, HOS Subscriptions and Conservation Perspective
  • Mike Toms interview
  • Personal reflections during Covid-19
  • Selborne Site Guide
  • Rachel Hudson – Hampshire Wildlife Illustrator
  • Gilbert White – a 300 Year Legacy
  • Gulls
  • The story of Milford and Keyhaven’s two bird hides
  • Species Focus – Wryneck

For information about the Newsletter, including contributions and advertising, please contact the editor, Barry Page – email: Barry Page.

Deadline for next issue is September 30th, 2020.

Kingfisher – Summer Edition Errata

Apologies from the Editor for a few typographical, grammatical and content errors and omissions in this edition; totally down to a lack of attention to detail on my part. Not limited to, but most notably, the wrong labelling of the front cover image, which is clearly a Robin, not a Blue Tit (the photo, however, is correctly credited to Brian Cartwright), and in the Crossword section on page 59, the Across clues appear twice and the Down clues do not appear. My apologies to Andy Johnson. Here are the Down clues….


1 Titchfield Haven marsh, for example (3)
2 Hunter’s cry, about 14 reportedly (4,3)
3 Get over the age difference with writer’s bird (5,5,5)
4 In wheatear’s case, White bothered (5)
5 Seabird released after end of long-term, uncertain rehabilitation (7,8)
6 Nasty people rejected Lesser Goldie claim (5)
8 Bound to be after-shock, according to Falklands resident (10)
11 Urbanite born without privilege – that’s about right (5,8)
12 Athletics final that’s about one hundred different races (10)
13 See 24 (ridge) (3-3)
15 & 7 Ground-cuckoo takes over after a fruitful spell (1,4,3)
19 500 herrings? 1000, no trouble (5)
20 Assist topless old man to climb tree (5)
23 Hind toes used to differentiate (3)

Also, at the bottom of page 39, the sentence should finish “…a role?”

The Editor

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