HOS Snipe survey

Snipe by Gower Lloyd - Feb 13th, Farlington MarshesHOS volunteers will survey breeding Snipe in the New Forest in 2021. At this stage we are looking for expressions of interest to check areas that we will provide maps of. We need an initial visit in April and possibly follow-up visits in May and June – depending on what you find.

We will be asking volunteers to walk within 50-100m of all boggy habitat where possible and safe, but obviously we don’t want to cause excessive disturbance to other breeding waders, so we are going to have people working in pairs to speed up the process and also keeping your own personal safety in mind.

If you’d like to take part (even if you can’t offer all three months) please send me a direct email saying so. If there are wet areas that you already have a good working knowledge of please say so.