HOS talks

Great Northern Diver by Andy Tew - Dec 27th, Hill HeadThe current restrictions due to the Coronavirus pandemic mean that many of the walks and talks which HOS would normally run, are not allowed. To help make up for this a number of talks have been arranged via Zoom. These talks have been recorded and can be watched via the links below.



Everything you wanted to know…

Everything you wanted to know about birds, but were afraid to ask. Talk by Keith Betton, HOS Chairman and County Bird Recorder.

Autumn/Winter birds

Birds which spend autumn and winter in Hampshire – and where to find them. Talk by Keith Betton.


Patch birding

Marcus Ward, Chairman of the HOS Scientific Committee, talks about the birds which can be found on his local patch in the south of the New Forest.

Return of the Red Kite

A talk by Keith Betton. the chairman of HOS, on the return of the Red Kite to Hampshire.

Getting to know Gulls

Andy Lester, the HOS Conservation Liaison Officer presents an introduction to the commoner gulls in Hampshire.

Birds of the World’s Most Remote Islands

Keith will take us on journeys to see some of the world’s rarest seabirds – and in some of the most remote corners of the seas – from islands in the middle of the Atlantic, 1750 miles from the nearest continent, to rocky islets in the Southern Ocean.

Wader Identification

Marcus Ward will present on identifying the waders which can be seen in Hampshire. He will focus on the main families of Hampshire waders and confusion species.

12 steps to Bird Identification: from Taxonomy to Notes

HOS member, Ian Packer will cover this topic over two sessions, covering Steps 1-8 in the first talk (taxonomy, location, habitat, season, lighting, distance, behaviour, sound) and Steps 9-12 in the second (structure, plumage, variation, notes).

Part 1 – steps 1 to 8


Part 2 – steps 9 to 12


Birds of Wild Winchester

Keith Betton, chairman of HOS, talks about the birds which can be seen in and around Winchester


Return of the Peregrine

Keith Betton, chairman of HOS, talks about the return of the Peregrine to Hampshire.


Bird photography – camera gear & camera control

Chris Corbin of Oakwood Photography Tuition (http://www.oakwoodphotographytuition.com), will talk about the different cameras and lenses, tripods, monopods available; and how to control a digital camera for bird shots including birds in flight.

Introduction to Bird Song

Keith Betton, the HOS County Recorder will give an introduction to bird song. The video will appear here in due course.


Hen Harriers in England

Stephen Murphy, the Lead Advisor on Hen Harriers at Natural England, will talk on Hen Harriers in England. It will look at the results of his work tagging and following our breeding birds in northern England, some of which pass through Hampshire in winter.


The RSPB’s Wessex Stone Curlew project

Nick Tomalin of the RSPB, will cover all of the RSPB’s work for stone-curlew in southern England, including those in Hampshire.


Bird Song

Keith Betton, talks about bird song.


Raptors in Hampshire

An identification Guide by HOS member, Martin Pitt.


Saving the UK’s Curlews

Mary Colwell, author of Curlew Moon presents to the Members’ Day of the Hampshire Ornithological Society


Re-introduction of the White-tailed Eagle

Re-introduction of the White-tailed Eagle – a talk to the Hampshire Ornithological Society by Steve Egerton-Read


Peregrines in Winchester

Keith Betton, the chairman of Hampshire Ornithological Society presents an updated version of his Peregrine talk to the Wild Winchester group


Hawfinch in the New Forest.

Marcus Ward, chairman of the Scientific Committee of the Hampshire Ornithological Society, talks about Hawfinch in the New Forest

Duck identification.

Andy Lester, the Conservation Liaison Officer for the Hampshire ornithological Society explains how to identify ducks in the county

Hampshire Swifts

Tim Norris, a member of Hampshire Ornithological Society, talks about Swifts and the Hampshire Swifts Project