Members’ Day 2020

HOS Members’ Day – 2020


Message from Keith Betton, Chair of HOS

Sadly with everything that is going on, and not wanting to put any of our members in a potentially risky environment, it will be necessary to postpone the HOS Members Day. I am sure this will come as no shock to you with the Government announcing further restrictions today.

Roy Dennis and Mary Colwell are really disappointed too, but they agree that this is the only course open to us – and both are keen to give their talks on a future date. Chris Packham has kindly offered to record his President’s address as a video and we will put this online once it has been received.

For the time being we will not be cancelling our walks programme, but there may be some changes as some leaders may become unavailable.

Please keep an eye on the HOS website for any announcements –

It is a worrying time for everyone of all ages. Please stay safe and take care of those around us.

With best wishes