Reports of events

We aim to make our walks and events programme as attractive as possible to our members – and future members! If you have been on a walk or to an event and would like to tell us about it, please email your report and any photos you took to our webmaster and we will put it here on the website. We are delighted to hear that you enjoyed yourself, but are also happy to receive constructive criticism!

Below we have links to photos and reports of past walks and events

Open Day by Ian JulianOpen Day

Open Day 2018 – Photos by Ian Julian
Open Day 2017 – Photos by Ian Julian
Open Day 2017 – Farmland Bird Conservation presentation
Open Day 2017 – Turtle Dove Presentation
Open Day 2016 report by Ian Julian



Bird TrailBird Trail

Bird Trail – 2017 report and additional photos
Bird Trail – 2016 report by Patricia Brown

Bird Camp

Bird Camp – 2018 report and photos by Russell Wynn, plus short video by Amy Hall.