Bid for an Expert

For a second time, we are offering members the chance to bid for time out in the field with a bird expert who will share their knowledge and insights with you. This will be half a day, with our expert on a mutually convenient date, looking for their special birds and understanding their challenges. The half days are as follows:

  1. Birds of prey in the New Forest (one place to bid for).
  2. Stone Curlews on the Hampshire Downs (up to four places to bid for).
  3. Breeding birds, including Terns at Keyhaven/Lymington (one place to bid for).
  4. White-tailed Eagles on the Isle of Wight (one place to bid for).

If you like the sound of these half days, then you need to take part in our Expert Auction! It couldn’t be easier. Click on the button below to complete a bidding form. Choose your expert and place your bid. Or bid for all four.

The money raised from our expert auction will be used by HOS for conservation and education projects in Hampshire. It’s a very good cause and a fantastic opportunity to expand your birding skill and knowledge. So, don’t miss out, make a bid today!

You will also be able to bid in person at the Members’ Day. There will be bidding forms at reception as you arrive. Just fill it in and hand it back.

If you are not able to get online and won’t be at the Members’ Day, you can still bid. Just ring 01489 853116 and leave a message with details of your name, telephone number and bid(s).

The winning bids will be announced at the end of the HOS AGM and Members’ Day on 6th April 2024.

The Small Print

The deadline for submitting online or telephone bids is 11.59pm on 5th April.
The deadline for submitting bids at the Members’ Day is noon on 6th April.

You will go out with your expert on a mutually convenient date.
There are four places to be bid for individually, on the Stone Curlews half day with Keith Betton. Otherwise the winning bid on the other three half days are for one person only.
You must arrange and pay for your own travel.
If there is a tie for a winning bid we will offer those bidders the chance to increase their bid. If no increased bids are made we will draw lots for the winning bid. This may delay the announcement of the winner.

Our Experts



Andy is Head of Wildlife Management for Forestry England in the New Forest and elsewhere. A lifelong birder, Andy is particularly keen on raptors, and spends much of his time monitoring Honey-buzzards, Goshawks and Hobbies.

Join Andy as he looks for these birds and learn about how the New Forest is managed for birds.


Keith is Chair of HOS but also a key member of the team that monitors nesting Stone-curlews on the Hampshire Downs. These birds are well camouflaged but are also very shy. They nest in places well away from public footpaths.

Join Keith as he checks known areas for these birds, see them in their habitat, and maybe even see them nesting or their chicks (depending on the date), and learn all about them. Four places can be bid for on this half day.


Pete is the warden of the Keyhaven to Lymington nature reserve – arguably our best birding site. Apart from looking after nesting birds on land, Pete also has to monitor nesting gulls and terns.

Depending on the date, Pete will aim to take you out to see the birds – Common, Sandwich and Little Terns, along with thousands of gulls. Also learn about how the reserve is managed.


Steve is the Eagle Officer for Forestry England based on the Isle of Wight. In August he hopes to take delivery of new White-tailed Eagle chicks for release on the island. He gets to be their foster parent for the first few weeks and then they are released.

Join Steve looking for his beloved eagles and learn all about their lifestyle and how they live on the island and elsewhere.