ToR Management Committee

Purpose of the Management Committee

Woodlark by Martin BennettThe purpose of the HOS Management Committee is to take responsibility for the general control, management and development of the Society. Since HOS is a registered charity, members of the Management Committee are Trustees of the charity and have full responsibility for the proper management of the Society and its assets. They must ensure that the Society is run in accordance with its rules and all other laws and regulations which affect its activities.


Collectively, through the Management Committee, the Trustees are required to act in the best interests of the members of the Society and are responsible for:

Securing and safeguarding resources/Managing finances

  • Operation of bank accounts (payments and receipts)
  • Investing the society’s assets prudently
  • Ensuring that the society has appropriate insurance
  • Preparation of annual accounts and auditing thereof
  • Application of income exclusively for the purposes of the Society
  • Setting membership fees
  • Fundraising and grant applications
  • Agreeing budgets and assessing spending against them

Setting strategy and implementing policies to meet goals

  • Determining Society structure and maintaining its operational capability (sub-committees, rule changes, filling vacancies etc.)
  • Setting overall policy regarding services to members, taking account of members’ views and aspirations (to cover inter alia the Hampshire Bird Report, Newsletter, Members’ Day, Walks Programme, Library and Website)
  • Setting and implementing policies regarding data and information (gathering, dissemination, sale etc.)
  • Setting and implementing policy regarding the Society’s stance on environmental and related issues

Links to external bodies

  • Relationships with BTO, RSPB, HWT, GCT, HCC, LAs, HBIC, consultants etc.
  • Links to the media (newspapers, radio, TV etc.)

Governance/Legal issues

  • Ensuring compliance with national and charity law
  • Ensuring that the Society only enters into agreements that it can honour, and ensuring that it then delivers/complies on commitments and obligations under such agreements
  • Setting standards and procedures