Marek Walford from Berkshire set up an online sightings reporting website for his home county and very kindly set up a similar site for Hampshire birders. It can be accessed by clicking this link to goingbirding.

Going Birding is a free, real-time, county-based bird news service. News can be submitted by any registered user (registration is free) and is instantly available to anybody via the web, mobile phones, email, RSS and Twitter. The Hampshire goingbirding site is administered by the County Recorder and a deputy.

Sightings are shown for the current day, with a simple paging process to look at previous days. There are also comprehensive search capabilities to query the database. There is no need to register to view the sightings page, but registration is required to enter sightings and to use the search funtions. To avoid missing possibly important Sightings, all records entered are passed onto the County Recorder. The site also has filters to avoid possibly inadvertant, reporting of sensitive breeding records