Scientific Committee

Mediterranean Gull by John WichallHOS has a Scientific Sub-committee which oversees all survey work in the County. Its members include representatives of all the organisations organising and carrying out surveys.

Interim-Chair: Keith Betton

email: Keith Betton

Secretary: vacant


Conservation Liaison: George Baker

HOS liaises with other organisations in the county such as HWT, Chichester Harbour Conservancy, HCC, RSPB, Forest Enterprise.


County Recorder: Martin Pitt

The Hampshire County Recorder is Martin Pitt.

email: Martin Pitt
telephone: 07926 841139

Refer to Recording webpage for more information.

WeBS Counts

The Wetland Bird Survey local organisers for Hampshire are:-

John Shillitoe (coastal)
email: John Shillitoe
telephone: 01329 833086
address: Westerly, Hundred Acres Road, Wickham, Hampshire PO17 6HY

Keith Wills (inland)
email: Keith Wills
telephone: 01252 548408
address: 51 Peabody Road, Farnborough GU14 6EB

John Clark (Avon Valley)
email: John Clark
telephone: 01252 623397
address: 4 Cygnet Court, Old Cove Road, Fleet GU51 2RL

BTO Regional Representative: George Batho

George Batho is the BTO Regional Representative for Hampshire.

email: George Batho

Ringing Liaison: Tony Davis

Tony Davis is the HOS focal point for Hampshire ringers.

email: Tony Davis

Other members

Other current members of the committee are: Ryan Burrell, Michael Chalmers, Rob Clements, Trevor Codlin, Georgie Digby, Nigel Matthews, Andy Page, Ken Smith

Bird Data

HOS maintains a database of bird records. Requests for information should be directed to the County Recorder, Martin Pitt (details above), in writing.

Research Grants

The Scientific Sub-committee makes grants for ornithological research on, or directly connected with, Hampshire birdlife. Details from the Sub-committee Secretary Andrew Colenut (details above).

Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference of the Scientific Committee can be found at this link.