HOS Young Members

HOS Young Members

Our initiative to attract Young Members has been taken up by lots of people – aged from 6 to 22. Five years ago, we had just 3 Young Members. It was decided that anyone in full time education in or near to Hampshire would be offered free membership of HOS. This includes university students from elsewhere who are visiting.

We now have around 40 Young Members generously sponsored by the Cameron Bespolka Trust and a further 24 young families who have chosen to join so that they and their children can benefit from the initiative.

In 2021 we have been able to run four ringing events where groups of our Young Members (and parents) were able to see birds at close range. It’s such a privilege to see this and the enthusiasm of the Young Members was tremendous despite the very early start times! Our grateful thanks go to HOS volunteers at Titchfield Haven, Keyhaven, Hengistbury Head and Blashford. Also, Chris Packham ran a Zoom chat with over 40 Young Members before Members’ Day and has offered to do another private chat for our Young Members again soon.

If you have a young family (or maybe grandchildren) who are interested in birds please get in touch. We’d love to include them.

Janice Beck – coordinator of HOS Young Members, email – Janice Beck