ToR Scientific Committee

Sedge warbler by Andy TewThe HOS Scientific Committee is responsible for all matters relating to conservation, and the recording and monitoring of birds, in particular:

Surveys and recording

  • prioritising and formulation of survey programme
  • consultation and cooperation with other survey organisations, in particular through the Joint Hampshire Biodiversity Action Plan Monitoring Group (JHBAP group)
  • promotion, organisation, and management of surveys (through website, newsletter, etc.)
  • encouragement & targeting of the general recording of key species or areas


  • encouragement and support of specialist surveys & projects (eg. bird ringing)
  • allocation of funds for undertaking and reporting on such research

Records management

  • collection, validation & collation of records of both birds and ornithological sites (casual records, survey results, and ringing), including
  • guidance to recorders (software, submission methods, etc)
  • policies for vetting records,


Ensuring reporting of survey results and analyses of records by means of:

  • publication in HBR (systematic list and papers)
  • liaison & cooperation with other relevant organisations and agencies (eg. JHBAP, HBIC, HBP, Natural England, Solent Forum)
  • maintaining HOS awareness of significant developments in planning or conservation issues

Provision of input/comment to conservation policies & proposals, eg. Biodiversity Action Plans (BAPs), Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINCs), Environmental Stewardship Entry-level (ELS) and Higher-level (HLS) targeting.

Budget for Surveys & Recording, Research, Records Management, & Conservation

Terms of reference for Records Panel

  • storage, analysis, and retrieval of records (including records input, database management, backup, and data retention policies)
  • distribution and release of records, including:
  • policies for data release and Data Release Panel
  • policies with regard to rare birds and Rare Birds Panel,
  • provision of data and response to info requests from consultancies, local authorities, landowners, etc.
  • provision of data through data-exchange services to Hampshire Biodiversity Information Centre (HBIC) and Hampshire Biodiversity Partnership (HBP)
  • provision of data to Hampshire Bird Report (HBR) authors (of systematic list and/or papers)
    (this version agreed April 2007, superceding April 1997)