Hampshire Checklist

Hampshire Checklist 2019Birds of Hampshire – A Checklist – Third Edition (2019), written by Alan Cox, John Clark and John Eyre, is now available. It brings the Hampshire list up to a recent date and includes English and Scientific names, distribution and record notes on all 383 species on the Hampshire list and the 10 subspecies that we regularly monitor.

It is designed in three sections.

  1. A guide to the user on how to use the following sections and the keys to the symbols used.
  2. A finder’s guide on each species detailing the likelihood of sightings by month and conservation status information and population trends.
  3. Ruled columns for the owner’s own yearly or monthly checklist sightings.

New HOS members will receive the checklist as part of their introductory pack.

Alternatively it can be purchased by enclosing a cheque payable to HOS for £3 and a stamped and addressed envelope (at least 10cm x 15cm), from the Sales Officer

Nicola Whitmarsh

Nicola can be contacted by phone or email – 01489 853116 or hos.nwhitmarsh@yahoo.com

Copies are also on sale at the shop at Titchfield Haven NNR.