Kingfisher 178

The Kingfisher is a full colour, glossy magazine with articles and news about birds in Hampshire. There are regular features including the Walks programme and Recent Reports and Hampshire Highlights, occasional book reviews, trip reports, crosswords, as well as an outstanding selection of photos of Hampshire birds taken by Hampshire birders.

It is published in February, June and November. The latest edition published in February 2024 includes articles on

  • Members Day 2024
  • News from the Ladybirders
  • HOS Young members visit to the Hawk Conservancy
  • Supporting Purple Sandpipers on a construction site
  • My bird valentine
  • Wonderful Waxwings
  • Avian flu continued to hit gulls and terns in summer 2023
  • Woodlark Survey
  • Focus on Fishlake
  • Take 5 – photographer Sheila Williams
  • Spot the difference – Pipits

For information about the Newsletter, including contributions and advertising, please contact the editor, Carol Rawlings – email: Carol Rawlings.

Deadline for next issue is May 3rd, 2024.

Electronic Kingfisher

For members who would prefer to receive an electronic version of Kingfisher, instead of a paper copy, please send an email to, with a Subject line containing the member’s name and Post code.

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