Dark-bellied Brent Goose

HOS is pleased to announce that it has resolved to use some of its financial reserves to support conservation projects. It is anticipated that approximately £8,000 will be made available each year for this purpose (subject to ongoing review). HOS would therefore like to invite individuals or organisations to apply for full or partial funding for projects that will research or conserve birds and/or their habitats in Hampshire.

How to Apply

The HOS_Grants_Application_Form_2024 (or as pdf) can be downloaded, along with the accompanying HOS Grants Guidance Notes 2024. Please read these notes carefully before completing the form.

Forms should be returned to Keith Betton, interim Chair of the HOS Scientific Sub-Committee at, by August 31st of each year.

When to Apply

Applications for grants of £300 or less can be made at any time of year and will be considered at the next Scientific Sub-Committee Meeting, usually held in January, May and September each year.

Applications for amounts over £300 will be considered annually, at a special meeting of the Scientific Sub-Committee in October. These applications will need to be received by 31st August so that they can be evaluated by the Scientific Sub-Committee, allowing time to request further information or seek external advice as required. Although not a requirement, applicants (or a representative) are recommended to attend the meeting in October.

HOS policy for purchase of equipment within grant requests

  • HOS will consider funding the purchase of equipment needed by applicants for their research projects.
  • Equipment may have a short, medium or long-life span and be used once or multiple times.
  • For purchase of equipment with a lifespan of several years, such as cameras, data loggers, thermal imagers and other recording equipment, ownership will remain with HOS during their working lifetime. For these items, HOS will agree with the applicant the duration of use and the details for their return to HOS (usually at the end of the agreed project). After this they will be made available for use by other HOS applicants or HOS members generally.
  • The grant applicant that requested the equipment will be given priority to use the equipment for the duration of the survey period, as agreed with HOS.
  • HOS requires grant applicants and other equipment users to sign for receipt and return of specified equipment. They will be expected to use, maintain and store equipment in their possession as recommended by the manufacturer. HOS will consider but cannot guarantee to fund repair or replacement costs.
  • Specific items of equipment may be itemised for HOS’s insurance cover.
  • The Secretary of the HOS Scientific Committee will be the point of contact for queries relating to damage or repair of equipment purchased by HOS and used by grant applicants and/or HOS members.