Black Tailed Godwit by Rob Porter - Sep 3rd, Hamble ShoreClick to subscribe to Hoslist

Please note that HOSLIST has recently moved from Yahoo groups to Groups.io. All existing subscribers were transferred (Nov 6th, 2019), along with the message database, photos and other resources.

Hoslist is an e-mail list*, open to both members and non-members of the Society, for discussion of birds and birdwatching in Hampshire. You can subscribe (there is no charge) by clicking above.

Anyone can join and read postings immediately, but the *first message* posted by a new subscriber requires acceptance by the Moderator.

If you have difficulty applying (this includes not receiving Hoslist messages within three days of your subscription being accepted) email .

To unsubscribe from Hoslist go to the Yahoo Groups homepage and follow the instructions there.

Postings – format

Postings should be in plain text with a line length of about 70. The majority of e-mail packages have default settings which are suitable. Outlook Express does not. Attachments are not permitted – your e-mail will be rejected by the processing software. There is a shared file area at Groups.io which could be used for placing files of general interest to the list. Please contact the moderator if you want to place a file in the shared area.

Postings – content

This is an unmoderated list (but note that all messages or those from specific members may be moderated at times). As stated at the top of this page the list is for the discussion of birds and birdwatching in Hampshire. There are four areas which should be avoided.

  1. Postings relating to caged birds and falconry will not be permitted.
  2. Locations of scarce and sensitive breeding birds should not be posted.
  3. Locations of winter roosts of scarce and sensitive birds should not be posted.
  4. The release of news of rare bird sightings without first clearing it with the relevant authority. One example would be for Needs Ore where English Nature should be contacted first.

Postings – advertising

Private advertisements for the buying and selling of individual birdwatching related items are welcome. Commercial advertising is not permitted.

Postings – summaries

It is a condition of subscribing that anything posted on Hoslist may be used in Kingfisher (the HOS quarterly newsletter).


Messages are stored at Groups.io. To view the messages go to the Groups.io home page and log in. You will be presented with the mailing lists you have subscribed to. Click on Hoslist and then click on messages when the next screen appears. The message archive is closed – that means only list members can see the messages. The moderator can delete individual e-mails from the archive.

* If you are not familiar with e-mail lists, Hoslist works in the following way. You send an e-mail to the list and everyone on the list (including yourself) is automatically sent a copy. Similarly, if you want to reply to a posting on Hoslist, you use the reply button in your e-mail package and send your reply which automatically goes to all list members.