Wetland Birds Survey (WeBS)

Little EgretThe Wetland Bird Survey (WeBS) is the scheme that monitors non-breeding waterbirds in the whole of the UK. The principal aims of WeBS are to identify population sizes, determine trends in numbers and distribution and to identify important sites for waterbirds.

WeBS is jointly run by the British Trust for Ornithology, The Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust, Royal Society for the Protection of Birds and the Joint Nature Conservation Committee.

For more information about WeBS, go to the WeBS home page.

We need people with good wader/wildfowl identification skills to take part in the monthly WeBS Core Counts. To find out more about how you might get involved and help somewhere in Hampshire ….

for the coast, contact John Shillitoe
for inland waters, contact Keith Wills
for the Avon Valley, contact John Clark

Address details for these contacts can be found on the Scientific Committee page.

WeBS counts for all the Hampshire waters are summarised in the annual Waterbirds in the UK published by the BTO. Low tide counts are carried out at approximately five year intervals on the main Hampshire sites. The most recent counts (Portsmouth Harbour, 2014/5 and Langstone Harbour, 2009/2010) have been documented in the Hampshire Bird Reports for 2015 and 2011, respectively.

Dates for WeBS for 2018/2019

The WeBS dates for inland counts are shown on the BTO website.

The dates for coastal counts are governed by the dates and times of spring tides, and the amount of daylight hours. Therefore they may differ from the inland counts – and around the country. Dates and high tide times for 2018 and 2019 are shown below.

Date                  Time      Height

14-Apr-18            11:25        4.4
19-May-18          15:12        4.7
16-Jun-18            14:06       4.8
14-Jul-18              13:03       4.9
11-Aug-18           12:02        4.8
08-Sep-18            11:02      4.7
27-Oct-18            13:46      4.8
24-Nov-18           11:46       4.9
22-Dec-18            10:43     4.8
19-Jan-19             09:38     4.5
23-Feb-19            14:04     4.7
23-Mar-19           12:52      4.8
20-Apr-19            12:44     4.8
18-May-19          11:40       4.6
08-Jun-19            16:19       4.5
06-Jul-19              15:08     4.7
03-Aug-19           13:57      4.9
28-Sep-19            11:45      5.0
26-Oct-19            10:40     4.8
23-Nov-19           08:29     4.6
14-Dec-19            12:32      4.7