Stockbridge Down

Yellowhammer by Andy Tew - May 30th, Martin Down
Yellowhammer by Andy Tew


Stockbridge Down is an area of chalk downland and scrub which is best known for its butterflies, but is also a good place to look for typical birds of the habitat. Until recently the main attraction was the small population of Turtle Doves, although sadly they now appear to have become locally extirpated. Nevertheless a visit in spring or summer is still likely to produce a good variety of warblers including Lesser Whitethroat and Garden Warbler, plus a chance of Cuckoo. At any time of year one can expect typical downland species such as Yellowhammer and Green Woodpecker. At times of passage there is good chance of species such as Wheatear, Redstart and Spotted Flycatcher.


There are two carparks for the reserve, both accessed from the B3049 between Stockbridge and Winchester. One is on the south east corner of the reserve, to the north of the road, grid reference SU387344. The other is to the south of the road towards the western end of the reserve, grid reference SU374346. The reserve is right to roam land and there are a variety of obvious tracks and paths


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National Trust – Stockbridge Down Walk

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